Rolfing® is about change.  Just as the flow of a river constantly changes its shoreline, so is the force of gravity and your daily activities changing the structure of your body.  Whenever your body gets out of alignment with gravity, symptoms can develop.  Your body is constantly changing.  It can change for the better or for the worse, it's your choice.  I hope you choose Rolfing to help maintain your body at it's optimal potential.

Videos at right show examples of how Rolfing can help relieve repetitive stress injuries, improve performance of athletes and musicians, and can also help children and teens.

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Since 2001, I have been Rolfing® clients creating more balance and alignment in their bodies to help them feel and look better.  It has been a wonderfully, enjoyable journey.  I look forward to more!  Have fun exploring my website to see how Rolfing can help you.


At age 13 I was diagnosed with severe scoliosis. I have two curves – one 26 degrees and one 28 degrees.  For that first year I had to wear a brace for 16 hours a day. The brace didn’t help fix the curves, it simply kept them from getting any worse. Once I was done with the brace my back was permanently set in the curves and it often caused me discomfort and pain. My mom suggested Rolfing® to me because it had done wonders for her posture, so at age 15 I started going to Rolfing sessions.

Certified Advanced Rolfer TM,  Rolf Movement® Practitioner
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SCOLIOSIS:  Alyx G.'s Story
I started seeing Kristin in the summer of 2006. Over the years she has help me with my breathing, posture, aches, pains and those insoles. I see Kristin once a month and it is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I now sit on an exercise ball at work instead of a chair and the rounded over shoulders are getting better every year.  I now am able to walk barefoot in my home and I have not done that for years.  I look forward to the sessions with Kristin because I know that when I leave I will feel great.
I wrote this letter because I want others to know that there is a solution for all the aches and discomfort we feel. Kristin taught me how to walk and be aware of posture, balance and over all control of motion. When you finally walk the correct way you can feel the bottom of your feet in a way that you have never felt before. Rolfing will help you feel your inner body. I recommend Rolfing and I highly recommend Kristin. She is a great Rolfer.

After a Rolfing session my spine is lengthened, significantly reducing my back pain – it feels like weight has been lifted off my back because there is so much less stress on my spine and back muscles. I will also admit that I am a little vain and the look of my lengthened back is a bonus. For me, Rolfing has been the closest thing to a cure for my scoliosis – it’s helpful in itself and I have found it increases the benefits from other types of therapy I take part in also. Rolfing sessions plus Kristin’s guidance in things I can be doing everyday at home have helped me manage my scoliosis for four years and counting.